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Dear reader,

Please feel invited to my website. You are probably here because you are experiencing something in your life that you would like to change. I would like to help you in your journey, to find exactly what you need.

Who am I?

I’m Anne-Lotte for short and I work as a self-awareness coach. It is my desire to support other beautiful women in letting go of that which stands in the way of your freedom/happiness/joy. And embrace a way of life that ensures that you are fully doing what is right for you, from your passion, from your heart.

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Need help with discovering your journey?

I am here to help you heal. I work from self-awareness because I believe that awareness is the first step to a colourful life.  Everything starts with awareness. As soon as we become aware of our pains, the origin or our patterns and how they impede us, we are ready to let them go. Self-awareness for me is sincerely looking at yourself, not with judgment, but with an open mind, love, curiosity. What is happening to me? Where do I want to be? What do I need from myself? And so we come to healing. A term you will see a lot on my website.

Healing is not the average solving of all problems until everything is finished; healing for me means that you may let go of what no longer serves you, so that you may grow.

Holistic vision

My vision

The road isn’t easy, the surface not flat,” is one of the phrases from one of my songs. The point is that life consists of challenges. Mine is no different. From a young age I felt a lot, a lot happened, I was labeled, and I started to behave accordingly. I began to adapt more and more to the way my environment expected of me. Until years later I became ill, physically and mentally. I reached a point that I continued my search outside the set frameworks. And so I ended up in a very beautiful journey.

I studied social innovation, developed my communication & coaching skills, traveled the world, learned about cultures and their values. I learned about human beings, what moves them, I learned to use everything to stimulate awareness. And finally I learned to transform this into something that activates people’s self-healing and problem solving abilities and ultimately leads to a freer, lighter, more beautiful life.

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