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Explore possibilities and options that support your way towards growth, healing & compassion


Invite serendipity into your life

When heart and mind are not aligned, we stop our own process. When you’re inviting serendipity into your life, you will learn to let go of entrenched patterns, beliefs, and truly surrender to what life has to offer you. In all its beauty. In quietness and confidence, trust is your strength.

I offer you the opportunity to join me on a 7 day, weekend or solo detox journey. These days will be the first days you will walk into the direction of your path, consciously. In these  days, each day we will cover multiple topics that are in sync with your life goals, your struggles and your dreams.

Join me on a journey and start exploring you. Exploring your needs, what your body tells you and how you are able to start working with all those signals, is the start of being able to live life from a stable feeling.

What will you experience?

During this journey we will use different tools, tools that suit you, along your proces. We will be having training sessions, meditations, quality time in nature, healthy foods and healing sessions. And I can promise, no day will be the same. In this exploration journey it is time for you to explore possibilities and options that support your way towards growth, healing, compassion. With the tools mentioned above you will be guided into a safe haven in which you can release from all the livings pains inside you. Simultaneously it will help you grow into self-love, self-esteem, clearing up your mind and gaining new perspective in your own process.

For those who are challenged by:
  • Depression, fears
  • Fear and traumaprocessing
  • Agression
  • Trauma
  • Resilience
  • Social skills difficulties
What will you experience:
  • Training sessions
  • Meditations
  • Time in nature
  • Healthy foods
  • Healing sessions
  • No day will be the same

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This journey starts with finding silence in yourself. It is this silence that is so important to finally hear what your heart is telling. The heart seems to be connected to a type of intuition that is not bound by the limits of time and space. With intention we always struggle whether to follow our heart and our direct experience and the advice of others. The time has come to get to know your own heart and what it’s screaming for.

I help you to use your problem-solving and self-healing abilities, and to restore or strengthen the connection with yourself.

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Connection. Growth. Freedom. 3 words I would use to describe my experience with Seeds to serendipity. Anne-Lotte has created an amazing beautiful environment to really be able to let process take over. I got to know beautiful people, got introduced into valuable new techniques and am feeling more free. I would really recommend!

R. JonkHabit coach

This day for me was all about getting closer to my sensations/feelings, that succeeded! I have experienced beautiful nieuw things, got new insights and met awesome people. This day was well-taken-care-of into the smallest detail. The activities had a great balance between being active and becoming completely zen. To me this day also was a fire-starter to start processing, something I’m really grateful for.

V. PaauweCareer counselor


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