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About Seeds to serendipity

Passionate about inspiring others


My background

A moment of awareness as a seed for the biggest dreams, manifestations and changes; that is what Seeds to serendipity facilitates for you.

I believe that a big change starts with the tiniest spark that something/someone in you can lit. And just like seeds, us human need time, nourishment and attention the arrive where we most desire to be. Like a tree firm in the ground, with a soil that is rich in nutrition for your roots to open up your branches wide open to the world.

The time, nourishment and attention is where you will be guided in when you join one of the journeys. A journey that starts with planting seeds that fit your life and transfers to anchoring into the desired situation. Growing colorful and mostly in a smooth, playful and natural way.

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The story

The only moment we really have is the present moment. Everyone comes with a story that roots from the past. So do I and it lead me to where I am standing currently. The experiences in dealing with trauma, depression, suicide, labels, being different, rejection and disappointment have inspired me in the past years finally connect to the light that was always underneath. ‘The road isn’t easy and the surface not flat’ described to me how we learn to cope with the downs in life and to let the ups rise above and anchor into the now of tomorrow.

With my different life experiences, gained culture insights, educations and courses, I am offering you a journey that will only fit you. Tailormade we will combine the seeds that will help you root diep down and expand.

What do we facilitate

What do we facilitate

‘When you’re ready to stop searching, you will find’ is what serendipity represents. We invite you to let go of control and start from the base. That base is what we facilitate in seeds like organic products, that help you become aware in the smallest moments; ceremonies to expand and manifest your intentions, movement into your body to be able to connect and recognize to all that you are; sessions to release from any blockages. The fundament in all; awareness.

Are you curious how awareness can guide your journey? Continue reading in ‘what we offer’, check out the journeys in the webshop or just get in touch.

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