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Discover your journey

Embrace your true inner emotions


What is your life path?

You are here. Most likely because you struggle with the little things, a lot. Perhaps small habits that bother you? Or are you challenged by a depression, an anxiety disorder, a trauma, your resilience? Whatever bothers you, it affects your overall feeling.

Saying yes to a personal journey with no fixed outcome is frightening! That is exactly why we will work on your self-trust and your confidence in letting go. In other words, the confidence of trusting the process. The benefit of this is that in addition to reducing or disappearing symptoms, healing can also occur at a deeper level.

Through the journeys of Seeds to Serendipity I want to help you find your own perspective on your journey. I want to help you understand and embrace your true inner emotions in order to create a valuable connection with the outer world. To learn how to let go of societal expectations and to come back to your own roots.

Together, we will look at what you need right now to be able to release what no longer serves you and grow into​ the direction you want to go in​.

Our journeys

Seats to serendipity journey

This includes a range of different methods, all combined into a single programme based on your needs, goals and feelings. As a part of the journey you will experience a pressure cooker, in which you will restore, recover, and rebuild.

Touch of Matrix

With the unique Touch of Matrix method I will guide you into your desired situation. Holistically we approach your challenges and together we will make it possible for you to part with them and welcome your desired version of you.

Yin Yoga

During this journey, you will let your breath set the pace. With Yin you are able to return fully to your body trough the moment of silence. This is important because you will start to experience joy when you live in true connection with your body, mind and heart.


In this journey, sound will travel with you through the unlimited space of your physical body. Your body uses frequencies known as vibrations. Relax or heal yourself with a beautiful sound bath or body session. Completely focused on your desired intention.


This journey is all about becoming the observer. Becoming aware of all that lives inside you and without judgement. You will be able to let all there is, just be. Science as well as experience has shown lots of great benefits from meditations, in which I will guide you.

Need help with discovering your journey?