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Yin Yoga

Help balancing your emotions and feel less stressed



When I started practising yoga, I had no rest. I was mentally drained, my body was exhausted and I had no concentration. Taking the time to do yoga was a tremendous task. It took just too long, restlessness came up inside of me. Restlessness that I recognize in many of my clients. The restlessness that comes from confronting the silence, with yourself. What does your body actually tell you?

During my yin yoga classes you will recover the contact with yourself and learn to speak the language of your body again. So you can regain your own power and experience balance in yourself, your emotions and your energy levels.

In my yin yoga classes, I guide you emotionally and physically to come home to yourself.

What will you experience?

To me, Yoga is the start of change. The moment of silence. The opportunity to align body and mind. Taking rest is about refilling, rewinding, renewing, rebuilding, reshaping and repairing. Yoga is about recharging yourself emotionally. In silence and trust you will find strength. In quietness and confidence, trust is your strength.

For those who are challenged by:
  • Depression, fears, trauma
  • Energy leaks
  • Stress stored in the body
  • Restlessness
  • Imbalanced emotions and routines
What will you experience:
  • Start noticing the bigger picture
  • Balance your emotions
  • More relaxation in the body
  • Feel energetic, stable and strong
  • Letting go of blockages that don’t serve you

''My body started breathing again''

I too have gone down the road, of always being in my mind, always in my comfort zone. Tired easily, not understanding emotions. After starting I too wanted to give up. I missed guidance in my emotional process.

While practicing yoga, I noticed that my body started breathing again. The shallowness inside started disappearing. My body could rest and my mind could come home. And I started noticing the bigger picture had changed too.

My emotions were so much easier to balance, I felt less stressed by things that used to make me feel stressed all the time, my headaches started to disappear, my food consumption became more healthy and most of all I felt energetic and happy.

And ever since those changes started moving clearly through my life, I knew​that this is something I want to offer you too.

In my yin yoga classes, I guide you emotionally and physically to come home to yourself.

Because you must hold a pose for quite a while your muscles will complain.
As a triathlete I give all, also when it hurts, the goal is the finish line. I do not even think about letting the pain take over, I persevere, and love the challenge. Where I would have otherwise pressed fast forward, Anne-Lotte now positively guided me to stay in the pose, with a calm mind. My body feels recovered and for the first time it really got the time and attention it deserves. I feel calm but also energetic and it feels like my blood can flow smoothly again.
Thanks Anne-Lotte for this great experience of Yin Yoga.

J. FanoyCoach

I did yin yoga before and I experienced Anne-Lotte’s class as an amazing opportunity to start it up again! It showed me how much I could get out of taking time for myself and “sit”/lay myself down. Besides that it helped me to realize that I feel much better and feel like I have more energy, a different energy flow after it. So I am going to do it again for sure and I would definitely recommend it if you’re interested! The time we took to do the different exercises gave me also a different perspective on how I could approach it myself. Thank you Anne-Lotte!

I. Dostal


Individual live class (online or offline) €30
Individual (personal recorded session) €25
Group setting €12 p.p.

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