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A place in the lee to just be


My experience

My first real experience in meditation was during a visit to a monastery in Malaysia. For 10 days I sat in complete silence. During this period I had a very hard time to fully commit to the actual meditation. As far as possible I rested in meditation while the rest of my stay, I deepened into the stories about meditations.

From this point onwards I started to learn the different angles meditations can be looked at. From the origin, the western world, and everything in between. It is meditation that creates a lee for you to fully get into connection with yourself. It is exactly this place anything is possible.

At Seeds to serendipity we use the power of meditation, silence and manifestation to connect to your roots and the seeds for your desired future.

Three different forms of meditation

Meditations are a way to recharge your system, to rebalance the energy in your body.

And meanwhile, meditation is so much more. It comes in many different forms. In essence meditation is about becoming the observer. Becoming aware of everything that lives inside, without the judgement about it. You will learn to be able to let all there is, just be.

At Seeds to serendipity we facilitate different forms of meditation individually or in group setting.

Walking meditation

Walking meditations is a way to work with the body in movement. The focus goes to the absolute awareness of every step you take. During walking meditation I will provide you the possibility to start meditating in a very practical way For many people sitting still on a pillow, with the eyes-closed, is a big transition and a process that goes too quickly. Whenever on a journey towards finding internal balance, it’s is healthy to listen to the signs of your body. Which is why walking meditation is a very low-key way to get into contact with the benefits of meditation.

Dynamic meditation

This kind of meditation, in practice, is the exact opposite of ‘general’ meditation. In this journey, you will be guided into a deep state of meditation while using your body’s movement and certain specified exercises. This meditation is supported by music and goes through 5 different stages. The most beautiful part about dynamic meditation is the immediate benefits and releases you will experience during and after the practice.

Soundbowl guided meditations

This journey, the walking meditation, will be guided by voice and soundbowls. It is possible to receive this kind of meditation in an audiofile or to meditate while being in the same room physically. Both are are effective ways of meditation. This is the type of meditation you most likely see on for example on YouTube a lot. It is a very accessible way of getting familiar with meditations. The guidance will lead you into a process in your subconscious mind, which allows you to reset certain mindset or energies. The guidance in the meditation can be adapted on the focus you prefer, such as self-love, increasing energy, goal setting etc.

What will you experience?

  • Reduces depression
  • Aids in the process of burn-out
  • Helps release anxiety
  • Improves focus
  • Reduces stress
  • Becoming emotionally more balanced

The meditation I received was truly magical. The singing bowls always help me to transcend quickly into a deeper layer and the guidance during the meditation was extremely right. Fear and connection were two of my themes and this was very well woven into it. Everything came at the right time, as if you felt what was happening inside of me at that very moment. I’m so grateful that you made this for me.

M. DeteringAssistant Accountant

Anne-Lotte is a coach who really heard what was going on, instead of listening to the exact of my words. She recognized my blind spots, something that many coaches & therapists before her didn’t succeed in.

A. SchoenmakersEngineer


Walking meditation - duration 1 hour €50
Dynamic meditation €80
Soundbowl live guided meditation €40
Personal recorded audio - duration 30-45 minutes €30

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