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What is your journey?

Become healthier, happier and more aware


Feeling unsatisfied

If you feel like your problems are not being resolved and your wounds are not healing, you may struggle a lot with the little things. Small habits that bother you, small inconveniences that make you feel dissatisfied. Are you challenged by a depression, an anxiety disorder, a trauma, your resilience? Whatever bothers you, it affects your overall feeling.

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Holistic life

''Everything is part of a larger whole''

My story

Once, I was at that same place. As a kid, I didn’t know how to work with my emotions. I felt pressure from life all the time. I felt different and got angry, because nobody taught me how to be peaceful.

​Throughout my journey I’ve learned how to unconditionally love myself.
I have learned how to free myself from all the beliefs that were imprinted by myself or my surroundings and to live abundantly. And I knew, from the moment I was free, this is the best feeling I can ever have. How did I ever live in that dream? How did I never see what would be behind the clouds? Now, as a holistic life coach, I am guiding you through that same journey.

How can i help?

Experiencing change

While guiding you on your journey, we look at the connections of your body and mind: whether physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically or spiritually we look at you as a whole. To fix your problems, we will first undo all inconveniences. We will work on the following:

  • Change of mind and state of mind
  • Create transformation and breakthroughs
  • Clearing emotional blockages
  • Finding harmony between body and mind
  • Get more out of the head and more into the body
  • Overcoming fears and dealing with trauma
  • Heal illnesses, injuries and other discomforts
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Our journey's

Seats to serendipity journey

This includes a range of different methods, all combined into a single programme based on your needs and goals. As a part of the journey you will experience a pressure cooker, restore, recover, and rebuild week.

Touch of Matrix

With the unique Touch of Matrix method I will guide you into your desired situation. Holistically we approach your challenges and together we will make it possible for you to part with them and welcome your desired version of you.

Yin Yoga

On this journey you will let your breath set the pace. With Yin you are able to return fully to your body. This is important because you will start to experience joy when you live in true connection with your body and heart.


In this journey, sound will travel with you through the unlimited space of your physical body. Relax or heal yourself with a beautiful sound bath or body session. Completely focused on your desired intention.


This journey is all about becoming the observer. Becoming aware of all that lives inside you and without judgement being able to let all there is just be. Science as well as experience has shown lots of great benefits from meditations.

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